Coaching / Boardroom advisory

A successful organisation needs more than just a sound long-term strategy and clear short-term objectives. Achieving success also requires leaders who really do have the time and space to develop and implement ideas, as well as to develop themselves. This is where my heart lies and this is where I can make a difference. By making room in your schedule and in your mind; but also by identifying where the boundaries lie. I can support you in learning how to deal with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity, while avoiding getting held back by doubts or getting carried away making rash decisions.

Beliefs, opinions, paradigms, drivers, self-image, ideas formed in younger years; these factors all influence the ability of executives to think and act effectively and freely. And consequently they also impact the workplace and the ultimate success of the executives, as well as the organisation itself.

I am an experienced managing board member and supervisory board member in the Netherlands as well as internationally. I have worked for over 35 years in finance, as CFO and board member of listed companies and not-for-profit organisations. I am also an active member of the supervisory body of several large healthcare institutions.

My work experience has enabled me to closely observe and develop a sensitivity for the personal actions and interactions of executives. And during the past ten years I have actively sought to become a professional this field. In addition to the practical experience gained while working as a managing director and supervisory director, I have also completed a three-year training course in coaching at the Phoenix Institute. In following this course I gained extensive experience in systemic working, transactional analysis and NLP.

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